About Us

Business Plaza is a local area media network that connects advertisers with purchasers at a community level, engages those communities and positively influences buying decisions of their members.  Business Plaza works with sporting clubs, community groups, political parties, special interest groups and charities that have a common focus of providing for their community and their children.

Advertisers in Business Plazas benefit from a web listing associated with the particular club community or communities, direct marketing to individual club members, profiling in the club’s newsletters, opportunity for at grounds promotional activation, networking with other advertisers, ability to market to other advertisers and sponsors, branding and attendance at club functions and events making the advertiser an integral member of that community.

Clubs benefit from Business Plaza through a share of advertising revenue from their Business Plaza, the provision of resources to help them with communication and a professional approach to engage their members.  Business Plaza shares the advertising revenue with individual clubs providing necessary revenue for those clubs to provide for their members.

Because advertising revenue is shared with the club, the advertiser becomes a supporter of that community, placing them in a trusted and preferred position.  Tapping into community loyalty, Business Plaza influences buying habits of individuals at the grass roots level.


The founders of Business Plaza gained substantial experience working with volunteer and ‘not-for-profit’ organisations, developing sponsorship and managing the relationship between sponsor and club or school. They were the first specialist providers of sponsorship management services to this very important sector of the community, and built a strong client base.


Throughout the world, community based organisations face the same challenges.  As a result Business Plaza is fast becoming a truly global operation.